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Khaleel Muhammad – singer, songwriter, storyteller… AND author!

Khaleel Muhammad has written a book for Kube Publishing called Muslim All-Stars: Helping the Polonskys. Due to publish in March 2012 his first book tells the story of an exciting new group of teenagers: Leila, Imran, Che Amran, Sumaya and Adam. Between them they want to help their local community, starting with Mr Polonsky’s house.

Don’t miss this exciting new book from Kube.


Recommended readers 9+



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Introducing Hassan and Aneesa

Hassan and Aneesa are two characters I would like you all to meet. Over the next few months we hope to take them on a number of trips to new and interesting places. In their first outing they visit a madrasa where they learn, listen, pray and snack, and generally have a great time.

I know their parents have in mind a trip to the masjid for Aneesa because she has yet to go. Look out for future titles, as they are fantastic books to introduce all children to these places of interest for Muslim families.


Review of ‘The Hijab Boutique’

The Midwest Book Review has included a very positive review of THE HIJAB BOUTIQUE in their August 2011 edition.

‘”The Hijab Boutique” is a creative story about a Muslim girl named Farah who fearfully tackles the problem of presenting a project about her mother on International Women’s Day. The problem is her mother is so ordinary! But surprises abound in “The Hijab Boutique,” and the best surprise is the creativity of both Farah and her mother in solving some very real life issues. Educating her classmates and others in the Muslim women’s ways of wearing fabric known as hijab becomes part of an amazing and beautiful solution. “The Hijab Boutique” is a wonderful book that will appeal to young readers age 10 and up. Black and white illustrations add to the message’s impact. One of the striking attributes of “The Hijab Boutique” is its sensitive treatment of the topic of respecting cultural differences, and rethinking automatic responses.’

We knew it was great, but a good review is always nice to have!