Snow White: An Islamic Tale

We are putting the final touches on a new children’s book at the minute. It’s still a few months away though so don’t start a stampede down to your local book seller just yet.

Snow White: An Islamic Tale by Fawzia Gilani, illustrated by Shireen Adams

Involving the power of a djinn, poisoned dates, seven dwarf sisters-in-faith and a mysterious old peddler woman in the woods wearing a face veil, this lyrically-told story offers a unique twist on this fairy tale, whilst keeping the classic much-loved story intact, that includes a hateful and vain stepmother, a considerate huntsman and a charming prince.

Set in the heady snow-strewn woodlands of Anatolia by the illustrator Shireen Adams, this tale of flight, friendship and forgiveness is richly detailed, and beautifully brought to life.

Snow White is the second book in the ‘Islamic Fairy Tales’ series, which looks to offer meaningful and faithful variants of these popular worldwide stories.


Fawzia Gilani has worked as a teacher, librarian and school principal in the UK, USA and Canada since 1993. She is the author of thirty children’s books, mostly on the topic of Eid.


Great write-up on ‘A Picnic of Poems: In Allah’s Green Garden’ (BOOK) on The Eco Muslim

Zaufishan, the Eco Muslim blogger, has written a piece about Dawud Wharnsby’s latest book. It was intended to recommend it as an Eid gift, but it doubles as a very positive review too.

Ideal Eid Gift For Little Muslims ‘In Allah’s Green Garden’ (BOOK) | The Eco Muslim.

After partnering for such a successful project the first time around we are busily thinking of new projects to work on together. In the next year we’re hoping to have another book published by Dawud Wharnsby.


MUSLIM ALL-STARS BOOK LAUNCH! Nasheed artist and author Khaleel Muhammad has his debut children’s book MUSLIM ALL-STARS: HELPING THE POLONSKYS on sale now. In order to share Khaleel’s work with more people, we’re looking for interested mosques, madrasas, schools and institutions to help us launch his thrilling book. If you’d like to get involved in a launch, and you have a minimum of 100 children as part of your group, drop a message in Khaleel’s inbox. We already have several groups interested in inviting Khaleel to come along, sign copies of the book, take questions and hear a few of his songs in celebration of this exciting project. And if that wasn’t enough groups will get a 20% discount off the book. For us its spreading news of the books launch, for you its exposing the kids to a new book aimed at their age group and a chance to attract new members … and getting free performance from Khaleel Muhammad!!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now:

To learn more about the book watch the MUSLIM ALL STARS trailer

To buy the book go to

Khaleel Muhammad – singer, songwriter, storyteller… AND author!

Khaleel Muhammad has written a book for Kube Publishing called Muslim All-Stars: Helping the Polonskys. Due to publish in March 2012 his first book tells the story of an exciting new group of teenagers: Leila, Imran, Che Amran, Sumaya and Adam. Between them they want to help their local community, starting with Mr Polonsky’s house.

Don’t miss this exciting new book from Kube.


Recommended readers 9+



Available from


Introducing Hassan and Aneesa

Hassan and Aneesa are two characters I would like you all to meet. Over the next few months we hope to take them on a number of trips to new and interesting places. In their first outing they visit a madrasa where they learn, listen, pray and snack, and generally have a great time.

I know their parents have in mind a trip to the masjid for Aneesa because she has yet to go. Look out for future titles, as they are fantastic books to introduce all children to these places of interest for Muslim families.


A Picnic to make your Fingers Click

When Dawud arrived in the UK last month, November, he had never performed his latest collection of songs live. When he left seven days later he had entertained over a thousand children with it.

His latest work, if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading and hearing it, is 30 songs for children that explore a spectrum of situations and aspects of life that will be of interest to their young and imaginative minds.

The stage show that Dawud has devised to capture them focuses on engaging and interacting with the children in the crowd musically (with percussion based instruments). Something that has rarely been done before in the Muslim community so directly, but builds on previous work by Dawud. It also underlines the purpose of this latest book – it should not be seen as a passive book of rhymes, instead it should be used with the CD… and a handful of instruments to play along! Continue reading

Dawud Wharnsby Tour Announced

A few months ago now Dawud told us that he would be willing to come to the UK to launch his new set of songs called ‘A Picnic of Poems: In Allah’s Green Gardens’. As you may know, these songs are slightly different in that you can actually ‘see them’, since they were originally compiled in a ‘songbook’ with the same name, brimming with beautiful illustrations and some real character.

As the publishers we were excited and humbled that we would get the opportunity to take Dawud on the road and introduce young and older children to his new work. And I’m delighted to say that after much hard work — lots of phone calls, leafleting and packing letters — the events are now just around the corner.

If you haven’t booked your tickets yet… get a move on! Go to and you will find the links to three events: Manchester, Birmingham and London.

Just to remind you what you will have the privilege of seeing, here are two of his latest songs:

A Picnic of Poems

When the World is Dark at Night

Book Cover Exclusive – Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People

The release of a new book by Suma Din (author of Turning the Tide) is approaching and we have great pleasure in revealing its cover! The book, titled Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People, will be published by Kube in the next month and forms part of a new non-fiction series for teens: Muslims in the Modern World.

Continue reading