Introducing Hassan and Aneesa

Hassan and Aneesa are two characters I would like you all to meet. Over the next few months we hope to take them on a number of trips to new and interesting places. In their first outing they visit a madrasa where they learn, listen, pray and snack, and generally have a great time.

I know their parents have in mind a trip to the masjid for Aneesa because she has yet to go. Look out for future titles, as they are fantastic books to introduce all children to these places of interest for Muslim families.



Welcome to Kube blog on children’s books

Salaam, Hello and Welcome.

At Kube we are passionate about publishing books for children. In recent years we have increased the amount of books that we publish and hope this trend will extend well into the future.

This blog is intended to provide a platform in which you will learn more about our upcoming and new children’s books by giving you in the inside scoop on the plots of new titles, new covers and much more. We also want to share our philosophy on children’s books and get your opinions on what you would like to see us publish and you views on our current books for children.

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