Promoting Muslim Role-Models


Our very own author Suma Din has been teaming up with Dr Hany to promote Muslim role-models in schools since the release of her book ‘Dr Hany: A Servant to the World’s Poorest Peole’. These workshops focus on introducing the values, character and personality of such people as Dr Hany, who have made a massive contribution to their field, and trying to leave the students with the example of a role-model that they can look up to, and relate to.

Here are two pictures from a recent workshop at a Muslim faith school in Birmnigham:

The biography of Dr Hany, by Suma Din, is available from the Kube Publishing website for £5.99.


October Reviews of Dr Hany El Banna book

Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People by Suma Din has had a fantastic reception and we are very pleased to share some extracts from select reviews below.

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Book Cover Exclusive – Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People

The release of a new book by Suma Din (author of Turning the Tide) is approaching and we have great pleasure in revealing its cover! The book, titled Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People, will be published by Kube in the next month and forms part of a new non-fiction series for teens: Muslims in the Modern World.

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