Great write-up on ‘A Picnic of Poems: In Allah’s Green Garden’ (BOOK) on The Eco Muslim

Zaufishan, the Eco Muslim blogger, has written a piece about Dawud Wharnsby’s latest book. It was intended to recommend it as an Eid gift, but it doubles as a very positive review too.

Ideal Eid Gift For Little Muslims ‘In Allah’s Green Garden’ (BOOK) | The Eco Muslim.

After partnering for such a successful project the first time around we are busily thinking of new projects to work on together. In the next year we’re hoping to have another book published by Dawud Wharnsby.


Introducing Hassan and Aneesa

Hassan and Aneesa are two characters I would like you all to meet. Over the next few months we hope to take them on a number of trips to new and interesting places. In their first outing they visit a madrasa where they learn, listen, pray and snack, and generally have a great time.

I know their parents have in mind a trip to the masjid for Aneesa because she has yet to go. Look out for future titles, as they are fantastic books to introduce all children to these places of interest for Muslim families.


Free exercises from the Islamic Manners Activity Book

Salam and Hello.

Recently we published the Islamic Manners Activity Book which is aimed children of five years or older. The book is a brilliant mix of activities, puzzles, word searches and more, and it seeks to teach young children the morals of Islam, including prayers and expressions, in a way that is fun and engaging.

To give you a taster of this book we have provided you with a free download of two of the activities in the book which you can view below in PDF format.

Islamic Manners Activity Book – free exercises.