Dawud Wharnsby events announced! June 2012

If you want to munch away on some scrumptious rhymes with Dawud Wharnsby, then you’re in luck! Dawud Wharnsby is returning to the UK to perform songs from his latest children’s production A Picnic of Poems: In Allah’s Green Garden

ImageFour musical picnics are planned (indoors!) across the UK. For more details about the events follow the links below:

Sunday 17 June: 11am @ Blackburn Library, Blackburn, BB2 1AG — hosted by the Love and Etiquette Foundation

Sunday 17 June: 4.30pm @ Towneley Hall, Burnley, BB11 3BQ — hosted by the Love and Etiquette Foundation

Saturday 23 June: 11am @ Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre, Leicester, LE4 6LF — hosted by Kube Publishing

Sunday 24 Jun: 2.30pm @ River Palace, Glasgow, G5 8BJ — hosted by Andalus Glasgow

Each event has limited seating so book soon to avoid missing out on these brilliant fun-filled family events with Dawud. 

To see more pictures of his recent tour see our Flickr pages.


A Picnic to make your Fingers Click

When Dawud arrived in the UK last month, November, he had never performed his latest collection of songs live. When he left seven days later he had entertained over a thousand children with it.

His latest work, if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading and hearing it, is 30 songs for children that explore a spectrum of situations and aspects of life that will be of interest to their young and imaginative minds.

The stage show that Dawud has devised to capture them focuses on engaging and interacting with the children in the crowd musically (with percussion based instruments). Something that has rarely been done before in the Muslim community so directly, but builds on previous work by Dawud. It also underlines the purpose of this latest book – it should not be seen as a passive book of rhymes, instead it should be used with the CD… and a handful of instruments to play along! Continue reading

Dawud Wharnsby Tour Announced

A few months ago now Dawud told us that he would be willing to come to the UK to launch his new set of songs called ‘A Picnic of Poems: In Allah’s Green Gardens’. As you may know, these songs are slightly different in that you can actually ‘see them’, since they were originally compiled in a ‘songbook’ with the same name, brimming with beautiful illustrations and some real character.

As the publishers we were excited and humbled that we would get the opportunity to take Dawud on the road and introduce young and older children to his new work. And I’m delighted to say that after much hard work — lots of phone calls, leafleting and packing letters — the events are now just around the corner.

If you haven’t booked your tickets yet… get a move on! Go to www.kubepublishing.com and you will find the links to three events: Manchester, Birmingham and London.

Just to remind you what you will have the privilege of seeing, here are two of his latest songs:

A Picnic of Poems

When the World is Dark at Night