Promoting Muslim Role-Models


Our very own author Suma Din has been teaming up with Dr Hany to promote Muslim role-models in schools since the release of her book ‘Dr Hany: A Servant to the World’s Poorest Peole’. These workshops focus on introducing the values, character and personality of such people as Dr Hany, who have made a massive contribution to their field, and trying to leave the students with the example of a role-model that they can look up to, and relate to.

Here are two pictures from a recent workshop at a Muslim faith school in Birmnigham:

The biography of Dr Hany, by Suma Din, is available from the Kube Publishing website for £5.99.


Dr Hany El Banna book ‘born’ in Lincolnshire

Dear readers, Salaams and greetings,

Suma Din, the author of our latest book, ‘Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People‘, has given us an exclusive post on her recent book launch at Living Islam 2011, and her experience working with the humanitarian role model, Dr Hany El Banna. 

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Book Cover Exclusive – Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People

The release of a new book by Suma Din (author of Turning the Tide) is approaching and we have great pleasure in revealing its cover! The book, titled Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People, will be published by Kube in the next month and forms part of a new non-fiction series for teens: Muslims in the Modern World.

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