RE Today reviews Dr Hany El Banna book

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We are proud and pleased to be able to share a review by RE Today of Suma Din’s book Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People. We knew it was a little gem of a book that set out to do something new and important but it is always nice to know other people agree with us, especially those we hope will use it most: teachers.

  • This excellent well-written book gives a contemporary, positive example of Islam in action. [The book] can be read by students 12 upwards … in the RE, Geography or Citizenship curriculum.
  • The book supports several areas of study at examination level such as conflict resolution, war, poverty and marriage but is also useful for younger students’ study of beliefs in action, justice and Islam in general.
  • … an inspiring, interesting and engaging book which fills a gap, providing an example of a contemporary Muslim acting out his beliefs in the world today. It is excellent value for money and I expect to see this in school libraries and RE classrooms very soon.

Reprinted with the kind permission of RE Today. 

Free resources to help integrate this book into the national curriculum are also available

Copies are available from most good online retailers, including the Kube website 


October Reviews of Dr Hany El Banna book

Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People by Suma Din has had a fantastic reception and we are very pleased to share some extracts from select reviews below.

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Dr Hany El Banna book ‘born’ in Lincolnshire

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Suma Din, the author of our latest book, ‘Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People‘, has given us an exclusive post on her recent book launch at Living Islam 2011, and her experience working with the humanitarian role model, Dr Hany El Banna. 

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Book Cover Exclusive – Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People

The release of a new book by Suma Din (author of Turning the Tide) is approaching and we have great pleasure in revealing its cover! The book, titled Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People, will be published by Kube in the next month and forms part of a new non-fiction series for teens: Muslims in the Modern World.

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