Kube Publishing under The Islamic Foundation imprint produces eye-catching and delightful books that children love reading. We produce books for children of almost any age, from 3 to 14. With plans to even fill the gaps we currently have: books for babies and toddlers, and books for young adults.

Our focus is on getting books out there that deal with Islam or Muslims. We try to respect Islamic principles in everything we produce, while at the same time holding firm to the cornerstone of publishing: content is king. The stories must stand up in their own respect. Our children’s books are trusted because of that. The fact that they are Islamic or involve Muslims will never be enough. It has to be something children will love reading, and parents want to read to their children night after night after night after night in some cases!

We also aim to offer an established platform to Muslim writers so they can be read and represented. Who better to write books about Muslims than the Muslims around the world? We see it as an obligation and we hope to develop them as writers and help them reach their market.

In the future you can expect some exciting material from our children’s publishing. We will be trying new things (possibly some lift-the-flap books) and looking for the best stories for young adults that address some of the dilemmas being a Muslim, or just something with a killer plot. You can also expect some non-fiction, with Kube planning to bring to life some of the world’s most interesting and engaging Muslims of today and from the past.

Using this blog we will try to keep you up-to-date with our plans and proposals. Giving you the chance to tell us what we are doing well and how we can improve.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Children’s editor – Kube Publishing.



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